Invest safely in our
surveillance systems
and security cameras

Technology is the best ally in security issues; therefore, our
electronic security systems are based on the principle of
detection, delay, and a timely response.

Electronic security

Today, it is no longer a viable option to work without technology or just rely on human capital. Surveillance systems and security cameras guarantee the optimization of security processes, facilitate the handling of information, detect inopportune movements early and improve response times to different eventualities.

Integrated electronic security solutions

CCTV system (closed circuit television)

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Alarm system

Access control system (people and/or vehicles)


Integrate technology into the securityof your company

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus

Efficient integration

Our electronic security systems are efficiently integrated with the operation of your company.

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows us to offer an immediate reaction, which helps to mitigate security risks.

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus


Electronic security systems deter and become the complement of security procedures.

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus

Immediate reaction

Our electronic security systems are a strategic ally that guarantee immediate response to your security plan.

When to contract an electronic security service?

  • When you seek protect your business from theft, unwanted visitors, or any security incident.

  • In case you want to complement your business security strategy by optimizing processes that allow you to control what happens in your company.

  • To monitor your operations in real time or detect continued theft in your company.


We protect your


We support private security services companies from different sectors of the national economy, as well as vital institutions for the international relations of Colombia with the world.



Our quality, excellence

Our culture is based on high quality standards. Therefore, we demand from our employees, our contractors and suppliers, excellence in what they do.

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus

We are leaders in private security
services in the country