servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus
More than private security
services, we are your
ally in security
We do things right for the sake of your protection and peace of
mind. Our ability to react promptly 24 hours a day to any event
makes us the best security company in Bogotá.
servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus
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Geographical risk
distribution tool
Learn about some of the most relevant risk elements
throughout the national territory in our new interactive
cartographic tool.
servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus
Protect your company
with the best surveillance
company in Bogotá
We have the best personnel in the private security sector,
committed to their work to minimize the risks and vulnerabilities of
our customers.
servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus
More than a personal
security service, we
protect your life and
that of your family
We believe that the safety of our clients is based on the selection
of those who care for them and protect them. Therefore, we have
the best bodyguards in Bogotá and in the country.

Doing things right:

the key to  success

We are convinced that good practices, honesty and timely response are our company values. For this reason, we are the country’s leaders in private security services.

At Omnitempus, we believe that we can always go further with regards to customer satisfaction with a simple formula: doing things right. Therefore, our staff is carefully selected and we base our services on worker protection and welfare. The low turnover of personnel allows us to be safe, reliable and to guarantee the security of our clients.


More than 28 years in


Since 1990, when we entered the national market offering private security and surveillance services, we have focused on satisfying our clients by providing them with the best workforce in terms of private security.

From our headquarters in Bogota, where we centralize our security services, we give support to our clients no matter where they are located in Colombia.


We protect your


We support private security services companies from different sectors of the national economy, as well as vital institutions for the international relations of Colombia with the world.



Our quality, excellence

Our culture is based on high quality standards. Therefore, we demand from our employees, our contractors and suppliers, excellence in what they do.

servicios de seguridad privada, omnitempus

We are leaders in private security
services in the country