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Improve security risk management for your company

We offer specific safety plans designed for your needs. We rely on specialized risk management tools and an analysis of the security of your company.


Investigations and security consulting

We carry out evaluations and analysis of the different aspects that can affect the security of your company and its employees. To do this, our team focuses on designing security systems that mitigate threats.

We also offer investigation services in case of any security incident inside your company. We conduct a relentless follow-up to identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses, to prevent the repetition of these incidents.

Furthermore, we continuously and permanently carry out research and analysis on security at a national level to offer you reliable information that will allow you to prevent any incident in the areas where you do business.


Administrative investigations


Due diligence


Assessment of the security situation


Security diagnosis


Security audit


Analysis and risk assessment


Design of security programs


Security consulting

Safety management starts with
a good risk analysis

Analisis Omintempus

Risk analysis

We identify your risks and analyze them.

Profesionales Omintempus

Specialized professionals

We have a select group of professionals who specialize in risk analysis.

Sistema Informacion Omintempus

Information systems

We have an information system that becomes our support and main working tool when designing a strategic action plan to manage security risks.

Auditorias Omintempus

Improvement in processes

We develop security audits with the purpose of improving processes and redirecting resources applied to security.

When to hire a research and security consulting service?

  • When you need to design safety plans or programs that fit the needs of your company.
  • When you need to do an administrative investigation within your company.
  • In case you need to evaluate the security in your organization to prevent incidents or improve the level of security or protection.
  • When you need to know with whom you can do reliable business.
  • When you want to know the general security status of the country or of specific zones.
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We protect your

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We support private security services companies from different sectors of the national economy, as well as vital institutions for the international relations of Colombia with the world.


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Our quality, excellence

Our culture is based on high quality standards. Therefore, we demand from our employees, our contractors and suppliers, excellence in what they do.

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We are leaders in private security services in the country